In light of the growing automotive industry in Indonesia.
PT. Trimitra Chitrahasta was established in August 1994
which specializes in Metal Stamping, Dies, Jig and
Fixtures for automotive and motorcycle components.

In our journey, we realized the ever increasing competition in this business and have done continuous improvements and innovation in all aspects of the company to meet our valued customer's expectation.

With a firm standing on our commitment and strong spirit, we thrive to perform our best in the area of quality, cost, service, and punctual delivery of our products. And in order to maintain Customer's Satisfaction and to be a reliable partner to all of our valuable customers, we strictly implement ISO/TS 16949:2009 for quality and ISO 14001:2004 for environment

With a philsophy to always provide the best and full support from our experienced, skilled team, PT Trimitra Chitrahasta is ready to compete and challenge the industry in this globalization era.

Becoming a reliable automotive component manufacturer and able to compete within the Southeast Asia region in Metal Stamping and Die Making.

To be a reliable main vendor of OEM and related industries that possesses great level of competitiveness as well as competency within the industry.

To provide high level of satisfaction to stakeholders and employees welfare